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Breathe to be happy

Breathe to be healthy


BeHarpy offers therapeutic workshops that combine breathing techniques and harmonica playing.


Gaining consciousness of your breathing helps you keep your mind in the present and allows you to develop your own resources in order to deal with stress, anxiety and all kind of physical and emotional issues.

The harmonica, being a great amplifier of your breath, is the perfect tool to explore your diaphragm and to improve the capacity and control of your breathing.


The workshops involve personal inner work, but they are also about connecting with others and about creating group cohesion.


The workshops are not about learning how to play the harmonica, but about learning how the harmonica can help you connect deeper with your breathing.

Different workshops can be arranged depending on the time available and on the number of participants.

Workshops 2021


Overtone Singing Camp

  11 - 15 August 2021 


Sierra de Gredos - Ávila - Spain.

Chakra de oro

Breathing Overtones Workshop

20 - 23 August 2021

Earth Spirit Center

Glastonbury - UK


Workshops 2020


Conscious Breathing Workshops.


September 26th & 27th. 

Conscious Breathing and Overtone Singing Workshop in Saubion. (France)

June 28th.

September 12.  


2019 Camps Hosting BeHarpy Workshops:

Harmonicas Roses 2019: 29 july - 4 august

in Costa Brava - Catalunya.


Overtone Singing Camp 2019: 14 - 18 august

in Diafanum - Ávila/Madrid.


               FALL 2019 WORKSHOPS

September 14th: Breathing and overtone singing workshops presentation for 2019-2020 course in Espai Annamasté - Manresa (Barcelona)

October 18th - 20th: 1st Gironella Harmonica Camp with Joan Pau Cumellas & Quim Roca Gironella (Barcelona)

For more information and to sing up contact us:

  • BeHarpy on Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Quim Roca on Instagram
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