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Breathe to be happy

Breathe to be healthy

BeHarpy offers therapeutic workshops that combine breathing techniques, harmonica playing and overtone singing. Open to everybody, there's no need to have any musical skills!


Gaining consciousness of your breathing helps you keep your mind in the present and allows you to develop your own resources in order to deal with stress, anxiety and all kind of physical and emotional issues.

The harmonica, being a great amplifier of your breath, is the perfect tool to explore your diaphragm and to improve the capacity and control of your breathing.

The workshops involve personal inner work, but they are also about connecting with others and about creating group cohesion. Different workshops can be arranged depending on the time available and on the number of participants.


*These workshops are not about learning how to play the harmonica, but about how playing harmonica can help you connect deeper with your breathing. 


Overtone singing allows you to produce two notes at the same time, like a flute on top of you singing voice. This technique brings you to deep states of consciousness, relaxation and inner peace. There’s a lot of breathing work involved and subtle movements with your mouth and tongue, very much like bending notes with a harmonica.


Playing the Vietnamese mouth harp is about creating rhythm patterns, making subtle movements within your mouth and tongue, very much like bending notes with a harmonica, and controlling your breathing. It's fun and you can easily combine it with a harmonica.


Circular breathing allows you to play an endless note in any wind instrument, including the harmonica, in blow notes and in draw notes as well. It takes an enormous control of your diaphragm in order to inhale or to release air at the same time in a fast way, as well as a lot of coordination. Learning and exploring new breathing techniques improves your overall breathing and makes you more aware of the different parts of your body that are involved in the process.

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